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Our Philosophy

The Arizona Behavioral Health Associates are committed to providing effective treatment programs for clients seeking guidance through periods of changes and difficulties in their lives. Together with your therapist, individualized treatment goals are developed. To help you reach these goals, we provide a caring, supportive, and nurturing environment. We draw on our extensive professional experience to hone a treatment approach. This guides our work with you in using a variety of therapeutic techniques including creative problem solving, cognitive interventions and active listening as well as teaching and educating strategies. We assure that services are conducted in an ethical and professional manner. All contacts, records and sessions are kept strictly confidential. We strive to provide a safe and entirely confidential atmosphere promoting emotional and psychological health.

The first session is considered exploratory, and all fees are waived. This session involves discussion of the major problems, how your therapist proposes to address these issues with you, payment plans, scheduling of sessions, and answers to any questions you have about the therapeutic process. For an appointment, call our office at (928) 774-7997. (we do not accept calls when we are with clients, so your call may be answered electronically). Someone will usually return your call within one hour. Early morning, evening and weekend appointments may be available upon request. We offer a sliding scale fee structure (depending on your ability to pay) ensuring affordable, competent and comprehensive counseling services to Northern Arizona residents.

Services offered

Individual Therapy: one on one therapy that provides unconditional attention and guidance for the person seeking help with difficulties in their life. Our therapists primarily use a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy model, but each practitioner retains their own individual style and preferences in helping with problems. See our providers page to get more information about our therapists.

Couples/Marital or Family Therapy: a way to understand your family better, providing a structured opportunity to refine family communication and promote a healthier, happier home life while resolving critical issues.

Biofeedback: a technique which involves teaching individuals to become more aware of their own physiological processes which can help in a variety of conditions including stress, chronic pain, anxiety, hypertension and headache.

Group Therapy: facilitates individual growth in a socialized setting. Groups may have specific themes, where members share a common issue, or general growth oriented groups that do not involve a specific theme. Group experiences are an excellent way to develop better communication skills, understanding of others and of oneself.

Crisis Consultation: 24-hour on-call services for established clients experiencing severe emotional problems requiring immediate assistance.

Psychological Assessment: includes intelligence testing, personality assessment, learning disability, vocational, custody and forensic evaluations. We also evaluate for neuropsychological disorders and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders.

We also offer Free & Anonymous Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse and Eating Disorders Screenings; Available Year-round through the National Screening Programs.

Questions and Answers

Who do we see? Everyday people with everyday problems. Anyone with a desire to make changes in their life and in the lives of others.

Why do people come to us?
Family/Relationship Problems
Parenting Issues
School Problems
Eating Disorders
Crisis Situations
Personal Growth and Enrichment
Anxiety, Stress or Hypertension
Chronic Pain or Headaches
Chronic Illness
Traumatic Brain Injury
Problems at Work
Grief and Loss

How do we help? We provide a safe, caring and confidential environment to discuss your problems. We guide you to developing long term coping strategies; we do not offer a 'quick fix' for problems.

How does someone get help? The first step is to let someone know you want help. If your are considering making changes, contact the Arizona Behavioral Health Associates at 774-7997 to set up a free, confidential appointment.

Credit Cards

Credit cards: We accept all major credit and debit cards and offer sliding scale fees. Appointments are available during normal business hours. Evening, Weekend, and Early Morning Appointments are sometimes available for established clients.